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09 September 2008 @ 06:13 pm
Well, last thursday, we went marmalade pantry, to celebrate my good friend Fiona's birthday, had a real nice blast at this quaint little place at Palaiss Renisance. it oozed of class I must add

Haha, I had on a beautiful mustard dress bought from Australia and my good ol brown vintage belt and yes we folded money and gave it to her as a present since she's quite a difficult person to shop for.  really.

Was having really quite a hard time to decide what to order as everything looked so good

Finall decided to order this Chicken & Bacon Sandwich, the portion is HUGE! Can you believe I actually finished everything! It was so scrumptous and yummy! Guilt. reminds me of good old melbourne.

Check out our reaction to the food & desert. gosh amazing. and yes my face look really. urm full & round & urm satisfied. plus maybe my dress was getting far too tight!

Everyone should really go there to taste their food! or at least go there to try their sticky date pudding and I heard their cupcakes are really good anyway, the pudding is soo heavenly its just beyond imagination! We literally scraped the plate clean! But dont dont order the Devil's Food Cake, it was, urm, BLAH.

On something totally not on the same page.
Here's what I did on the weekend.
Me & The Boy Cam Whore-ed to our hearts content. It was too funny not to put up! Picture overload!
I know I know!

The picture is a progression of us camera whoring, the dude farted and thought I wouldn't notice, my face started to change when the scent just kept growing stronger and the picture turned shaky while he laughed like mad. LOL. I know I know i'm so bored. BACK TO WORK!
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09 September 2008 @ 03:51 pm
My long awaited (at least I hope) Friday, 29th August outfit!

It just hit me, that its been so long since I bothered to dress up. I'm really not liking myself now. sigh.

What I'm Wearing
Black Tank Dress - Cotton On
Neon Yellow Leopard Print Corset - Topshop
White Tank Top - Pull & Bear
Gladiator Sandals - GoJane
Grey Scarf - Far East

And here's my last Wednesday outfit, wore pretty simple, had to work at the door that night. Didn't I mention I had a bad break out last week..sigh!..that explains the splotchy skin plus the well use of flash didn't help. and urm the oily hair is the boy's over enthusiasm of making my hair silky. As you can tell I was in no mood to have my pictures taken..

Since I am and was so broke, I was estatic to find that I manage to buy this halter top at CENTRAL Mall for $15 as they were having a 50% discount. I love the pearls, they are so classic matched with this green (urm its really not that bright). It's so YUM. just need to find the right shoes!

What I'm Wearing
Polka Dot Black Tube Dress - Forever21
Black Pointed Patent Mary Janes - Topshop
Black Clutch - Forever21
09 September 2008 @ 03:12 pm
Wow I just couldn't resist myself, despite my mounting debts and my overflowing shoe cabinets. I just couldn't resist splurging on these 4inches high heels which I would probably NEVER wear since the boy is short. DAMN. what the hell is wrong with me?

I suppose its the endless drooling over Charles & Keith Signature Line Heels, Topshop fabulous fringe sandals & Aldo fab high inches that really got me. plus i kept telling myself who cares its less than 50 each, which is lesser than what I'm spending in any of these shops. grr. the trauma of online shopping!

So here's what I bought

I'm desperately in love with the fringe sandals i bought even though I wanted something similar from Forever21's...

Forever21 Version

Well since my dear locofruitcake is organising a GoJane Spree i might as well spree away there. GRR. How does something that makes you feel so good yet makes you feel so guilty at the same time. Ah, the pure senseless indulgence of online shopping. clicks away and only when you see your bank a/c do you feel the pinch. DOINK!
09 September 2008 @ 01:18 pm

Hey guys, sorry I've disappeared. into fuckin thin air i know.
Its not that I don't want to blog anymore. It's just that recently things
have been fucking hectic!!!!
Firstly, the numerous birthdays we have to celebrate
Secondly, I sprained my leg and can't take any pictures
Thirdly, office is strict now about doing personal things during office hours
Fourthly (if there's such a word), Carnival Attica + Halloween is coming back so we are screwed here!

So I really apologise for the lack of post. *sigh*

I promise to blog more as soon as things are more settled! See you guys really soon!

P.S. Check out my shoes at the back!

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Here's the lovely end result of the shoot which i mentioned in previous post and the mini-booklet is out guys so you can pop by to any boutique in Far East, Heeren or Cineleisure to grab a copy!

Designed by my colleague & friend, Inca Studio

My 2 page spread for the outfits suggestion for this month's theme FLOWER POWER.
The sunflower over my face was a concept i came up with to 'hide' my identity since my boss don't really like the idea of me revealing myself too many times, afterall i am not a professional model. also, i had hoped that without my face you guys be able to focus on the outfits more!
Click on the picture to have a better view of it!

A couple of people have asked me what the booklet is about, well its just a mini mag kind of style where we promote club events and also have bite sized information for our clubbers to read while they are by the bar or for random shoppers to pick up and know about our events.

This is what I have been busy with, here's a peek of the pages i designed during the pass week, hope you guys like it! For a better view of it please grab a copy guys! If possible tell me what you think, thanks so much! :)

Also, in regards to what I do during work. I basically design flyers, booklet pages, do write ups for events and the pages in the mini booklet... marketing and even right down to working at the door on certain event nights..blah blah blah.

Finally, here are pictures of those that didn't make it to the booklet!

Wow, i look sweaty in the flower print dress, thats because I've been changing in and out of clothes under the heat! Also, the sporty shoes I'm wearing actually belong to my designer, i forgot to bring an extra pair & the green big T-shirt was designed by my designer, it's our Attica T-Shirt, if you like it you can purchase it at the door for $25 bucks! TADA!


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03 September 2008 @ 12:33 pm
WARNING: This post has nothing to do with fashion

I apologise for the lack of post these pass few days, i guess someone must have been cursing me because suddenly my face became a great place for pimples to move in and live in. infestation at it's best. and me being the vain bitch that I am, am refusing to snap any shots of the horrendous sight. not forgetting that i am unable/too busy to go restock my Ettusai Acne concealer that usually work so well, without it i feel naked and urm ugly. grr.

Anyway, to prove that I've not died or something. here's a summary of the days of my lifee...Pardon the lousy pictures (except for friday), the weight gain & horrid skin! *ahh!*

Fri I went to town with my colleague to stock up our mini-booklet (will be posting the september spread soon), snap a couple of pictures then..

I love this outfit i'm wearing but i havent got around to posting it up yet, will post it ASAP!!! Oh yes, the Don't panic box is NOT our flyers, but its a really cool new pack thing where they give out for free to people containing loads of goodies....yum!

Then I partied like a mad dog on Sat, As you can see we are all pretty stoned, well me at least, and yes, please invest in a good concealer because your skin will look absolutely patchy and splotchy if you use cheap ones!

& I can assure you, that night, there was plenty of laughter and dose of giggles...i think i did see my rainbows and unicorns..*grinz*

Followed by Sunday, where me and the girls met up to celebrate Mr Leslie Kai Kai's Birthday, as you can see he likes to pose..and im not the only one who does the pout..hahahah..

We had buffet brunch at Paulagners, amazing food, was full like mad, and was in no mood to dress up especially since we party the day before and had to wake early for this.

Finally, Tuesday, celebrated my small anniversary with the boy..At the quaint Miss Clarity Cafe near Bras Basah. The food was great and really affordable!

In the picture you can see him a ghostly face which freaks me out to bits especially since we watch 4bia on Sunday and I have been getting nightmares since..GRR!..here's him holding my bag of present!...i actually thought it was a bear since the plastic was "More than words" and i was like "that better not be a bear" him playing along said "oh how did you guess it..." fuck..disappointed and everything at first as i was never a girl who likes bears..flowers...soft toys..wadever....

Than came gift giving time..yay yay yay..the boy had no idea i had something for him.

Can you imagine my shock when i tear open the wrapper i find the ultimate shoe i've been lusting after!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, I correct myself I did died and go to heaven then and there.....

Then came giving the boy his gift...a compilation of six items representing the times we've had together.

My gift is not as expensive..but HEY it's the thought that counts! And it did brought some tears..heh.

And thats all i've been doing..Will update about something related to fashion the soonest i promise!

Also, look out for how I intend to match my new yummy shoes! yay!....

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28 August 2008 @ 11:04 pm

It's been horrifyingly hectic for the past few days. i shall not rant. i must not. but i apologize for the lack of good pictures, it rained when we had time, too busy when it was sunny and came night when we knock off from work, me and my colleague had to part ways. than came the boy who helped me snapped some quick shots and than the use of flash again. looming and glooming is the weather and to match that comes my long sleeves for the cold and the dark colours for that sense of mystery. i kid. more likely to match my mood. go figure.

I'm addicted to the brogues as you can see. appearing twice in a row. heh!

The outfit is pretty simple and comfy today. I've had this Moschino top & this 8 button dress since a long time back, thought it be fun to layer it with this dress so that the girl's head peeks out from it mashed up with the military style that used to be so popular, the girl kinda gives me the feeling that she's sinking and crying for help...(oh my god how depress am i again?) Anyway, I LOVE this shirt, she is actually wearing a chiffon skirt that pops out but thats been hidden by the dress. I like pulling things out from the closet that has been there for ages and mixing things together to give a different look. hmm.

What I'm Wearing
White long sleeves - Moschino Jeans
8 Button Dress - Closet Affair
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28 August 2008 @ 02:42 pm

Dolce Dolce Dolce & Gabbana...The fall collection reminisces of the old school "country" look, it makes me feel like the models are all ready to go horse riding or back to the country road but with that additional touch of class and sophistication with the use of luxury materials like fur & leather.

The use of tweed to create an updated and polished look is extraordinary, gone are the times where you feel tweed is erstwhile or oldie, D&G has brought it back!

The collection shapes & cut this time around is build around longer lengths, pemanently throwing summer away, they've got the models all modestly covered up to suit the atmosphere of fall, mid-skirts gathered at the waist, long flowly poofy gowns & long pants matched with turtle necks.

I'm loving the combination of chiffon, tweed, country-check shirts with fur overlayed printed silk scarves & leather bags polished off with flat caps & poor-boy sweaters! The brown leather booties with its thick wood cork heels are to die for. i'm welling up with pure lust. The scent of British old flavours is inevitably strong in this collection. What an inspiration!

Side Note: Things to Look out This Fall
1) Brown Rustic Vintage Leather Bootie
2) Mid Length Skirts worn at the waist
3) Turtle Neck with Silk Scarves
4) Tailored Slim Fit Pants
5) Country-Checks & Tweed

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27 August 2008 @ 09:21 pm
Due to the rain, the shots were taken inside, thus the flash. hum. The weather has been oddly gloomy. sigh.

I love my miu miu inspired patent brogues! I bought it online recently, yay, finally matched it with something yum. Pardon the lack of a post because I'm not so much in the mood especially since work has been hell-ish and its been hard to juggle some things. ol well!

What I'm Wearing
Blue star print top with vest - Topshop
Black banded skirt - Supre
Crocodile Clutch - Forever21
Chunky bracelet - Vintage
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27 August 2008 @ 11:42 am

Topshop's Fall Collection Is Amazing. This fall, I notice the trend in the collection is LACE, tiered or see through material to layer over corsets and what not or manish cut shirt with blazer paired with brogues. As you can see, shapes & volume is very much played this time, a tucked jacket with a volume skirt, or a tight fitting dress with a sudden volume in the middle. Also, I'm particulary fond of the Boudoir theme. The mysterious black theme mixed with the softness of lace makes it a look we must try this fall.

A lady from Topshop called yesterday in regards to VIP Tickets to some moonlight movie, kinda cool, we chatted and she asked me if I saw the Fall collection, I told her I love it and I can't wait for the items online to be in stores, she told me most likely September it be out fully, oosh! I just can't wait for the pay to come so I can splurge on the lace up flats that they are bringing in. I'm still thinking about the lace tops, I'm in love with it, I can imagine myself wearing them over a corset cut top and paired with vintage jewellery and the booties..man i'm in love..OOH! September come already!

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