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27 August 2008 @ 11:42 am
Lust: Topshop  

Topshop's Fall Collection Is Amazing. This fall, I notice the trend in the collection is LACE, tiered or see through material to layer over corsets and what not or manish cut shirt with blazer paired with brogues. As you can see, shapes & volume is very much played this time, a tucked jacket with a volume skirt, or a tight fitting dress with a sudden volume in the middle. Also, I'm particulary fond of the Boudoir theme. The mysterious black theme mixed with the softness of lace makes it a look we must try this fall.

A lady from Topshop called yesterday in regards to VIP Tickets to some moonlight movie, kinda cool, we chatted and she asked me if I saw the Fall collection, I told her I love it and I can't wait for the items online to be in stores, she told me most likely September it be out fully, oosh! I just can't wait for the pay to come so I can splurge on the lace up flats that they are bringing in. I'm still thinking about the lace tops, I'm in love with it, I can imagine myself wearing them over a corset cut top and paired with vintage jewellery and the booties..man i'm in love..OOH! September come already!

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