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28 August 2008 @ 11:04 pm
Push the buttons  

It's been horrifyingly hectic for the past few days. i shall not rant. i must not. but i apologize for the lack of good pictures, it rained when we had time, too busy when it was sunny and came night when we knock off from work, me and my colleague had to part ways. than came the boy who helped me snapped some quick shots and than the use of flash again. looming and glooming is the weather and to match that comes my long sleeves for the cold and the dark colours for that sense of mystery. i kid. more likely to match my mood. go figure.

I'm addicted to the brogues as you can see. appearing twice in a row. heh!

The outfit is pretty simple and comfy today. I've had this Moschino top & this 8 button dress since a long time back, thought it be fun to layer it with this dress so that the girl's head peeks out from it mashed up with the military style that used to be so popular, the girl kinda gives me the feeling that she's sinking and crying for help...(oh my god how depress am i again?) Anyway, I LOVE this shirt, she is actually wearing a chiffon skirt that pops out but thats been hidden by the dress. I like pulling things out from the closet that has been there for ages and mixing things together to give a different look. hmm.

What I'm Wearing
White long sleeves - Moschino Jeans
8 Button Dress - Closet Affair
Current Mood: hungryhungry