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26 August 2008 @ 04:00 pm

I don't know why, but I feel good these pass few days, and I would like to attribute it to good rest. I've been in the mood to dress up ever since the bloat gone down a wee bit. yay. anyhoo, i THOUGHT it be cold today, but it was so NOT, but i went ahead with the look. I dug out my old Marc Jacobs Flower power jacket lol. and I threw on a headband, a couple of chains and rushed out of the house. Well, clearly the outfit was planned at night (when it was raining) because the weather is freaking hot today! Nevertheless, out and about we went to take a couple of cool shots today. YAY to my colleague who is back and also well rested! Thus, I conclude we who are well rested are more creative. *grinz*

Warning: Pictures Overload!!!

Anyway, the headband was bought 2 years back from Forever21, I never did dare to wear it, especially since headband makes one face rounder, but I decided to fuck it and go for the sporty look today. I really hate things on my head! Its so hard to wear! Plus, the weather is extremely hot, and I thought the headband was suppose to make you feel cooling, but hell is it warm and humid to wear! After the shoot, i tried to take it out to cool out but my hair look like a freak after. so im stuck with it.

We went to Penisula to find my Dr Martens look alike that cost only $49.00, needless to say there is a reason why the actual Dr Martens is $189 because the $49 rip off is totally not working, its so weird and the cut was so bulky, i looked like a construction worker. infact, the shop owner actually asked me if I was going to do any heavy duty work for it. he was like "Is this for work?" WAD?! sigh and I thought it would suit the look today, but ol well, sticking to good old converse. Sigh, saving for the day where I can buy my Dr. Grrrrrr.

What I'm Wearing
Orange Flower Prints Jacket - Marc Jacobs
Crown Necklace - Courtesy of my colleague who bought it for me
Playboy Necklace - 2cm
Grey Headband - Forever21

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26 August 2008 @ 11:12 am
Is it just me, or the tribal prints are taken a tad too far? Why am I seeing tribal prints EVERYWHERE? I get that the trend is hitting hard, but on our bags? seriously? I don't know bout you guys but I'm a girl who loves her bags as understated as possible, I mean yes I love the occassional punchy colours and what not, but more importantly I just want a bag that is functional, basic, looks fabulous like those IT backs and best of all in the colour regions of solid colours like grey, black, brown & well maybe at most silver or white, perhaps with cool gold or silver buckle or stud details. Not tribal prints! How do you match these bags?

I'm not understanding.

Well, honestly, the only bag I like from this pile is the peacock feather ones, because its fun, quirky and maybe interesting with the right dress...the rest..gosh! I don't even want to start!

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25 August 2008 @ 04:12 pm
Finally, much awaited I would hope, my outfit of the day. My colleague is finally back from his trip, which explains the outfit post, i know i know what is that Tripod for if you are not going to use it. I apologise. I've been busy being depressed over my weight, my unstoppable binge eating, my bloated tummy..also I've been busy reading the Books that finally arrived..I'm on Tim Gunn's one right now, busy stoning in t-shirt and my undies infront of the tv with SATC running non-stop and most of all busy planning a close friend's of mine birthday held on Saturday. It was fab. we got high. well I got high. and ever since I woke up from that shitface-mode. I've been in the mood to blog..well minus the fact that Sunday, i was zonk out the whole day because it was raining and it made it fantastic to sleep in, but after that I decided that hell, i better get out of this down mode and do something about it!

So here I am in a cheery colour and in a better mood.

Would you wear the top up or down?

Sailor much? I tied my hair up because my big hair and the big ruffled triming of the top made me look larger than life, to tame it down and look a tad demure, i decided to clip my hair up, I wanted to wear my black miu miu inspired brogues with this, but it just looked too weird, like my legs were cut off..grr. Ol well, sandals it is!

What I'm Wearing
White Ruffle Top - Forever21
Blue Ribbon Waisted Skirt - Hula & Co
Black Sandals - Gojane
Silver Cuffs - Topshop
25 August 2008 @ 12:55 pm
Today's U G L Y post, is a range of shoes i saw on a particular website that I have been surfing on, gojane. They bring in fabulous shoe replicas with affordable price tags. But needless to say, they missed the mark on some, and i nearly choked on my yoghurt + granola when I saw these. I've been craving shoes ever since i've watched Sarah Jessica Parker on SATC strut-ing and jumping around in her 5 inches, i've been eyeing for look alikes. Nevertheless, these shoes just makes me want to puke and roll over.

Would you wear any of these? Do you think there is at least a pair here you MIGHT be able to pull off? If yes, comment away and tell me how you would wear it! WEEEE! The only pair I see myself ever ever even trying is probably the wedged ugly maroon bootie, probably match it with something tough and layered, dark with tartan prints..hmm..Oh man. Maybe not...

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25 August 2008 @ 11:52 am

Finally, I have satisfied my craves and lust for Forever21, my much accumulated WANT/NEED List have finally been fulfilled. After going through the countless items I have been eyeing and also not forgetting getting rid of those that out of stock even before I could purchase them, I came up with 7 fantastic items which I guilt-lessly splurged on and I feel like I'm floating on air!

It's sensational how o n l i n e r e t a i l therapy helps one psychological mind, it makes you happy, you smile the whole day and you get this high and anticipation for the items to come. You are on your toes, the good news is none of these items were out of stock and my friend locofruitcake helped me ordered them today. yay yay yay!

I finally finally bought the studded platform shoes I've been eyeing since i posted it in the beginning of the month, and what luck! I bagged it at only 10.99 as it was on sale! yay, other people's ugliness is my beauty, i love love it, despite what some may feel that its STUD overload but who cares! As you can see from the items chosen, I'm still pretty much stucked in summer, bright vibrant colours and loads of racerbacks that show off my back, I love the two racers i bought because the back is just so different from the usual tanks we buy, I'm always looking for that extra comfy cotton material tunics and dress that would make me comfortable yet feel stylish.

The purple daisy tank must have been an inspiration from Sex and the city because 2 months back I would never have bought it, but now, I have a rough idea of how I would wear it and the plus point of the top is that the back is jus so fucking sexy! Also, i've been looking for those brogues since forever, and im so happy when my friend fiona told me that Love 21 had them, i rushed i saw and i bagged it, I can't wait, even though i do do do wish it wasnt so patent, im still on a look out for hard-core plain leather ones. 

And FINALLY, the yellow zippered dress which looks exactly like the one i've been eyeing at River Island but cost $139.00 is selling at a much cheaper price at F21, and almost the same cut. I've been on a hunt for a LIME/LEMON coloured dress since forever, its really hot.

Yay! Splurged, Spent, Broke. I love this feeling

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25 August 2008 @ 11:15 am
During my small break away from blogging, I have noticed that the looks for Fall is slowly creeping up to our magazines..fashion blogs..and definitely seen in our stores like Topshop..Zara..Mango..Well, I was at Zara on Sunday with the boy and I noticed that the Hippie + Rocker look is super in for this fall, as you all know such shops take reference from the high fashion, so I wondered what made them inspired. And after much research, I realise, it was none other than......

Gucci Designer Frida Giannini began with a billowy-sleeved embroidered peasant blouse over a pair of gold chain-swathed hipsters, thrust into flat riding boots reminiscent of the louche heyday of Rudolf Nureyev. From there, the show swung into tapestry coats, short chiffon print dresses with flippy skirts, and a plethora of cropped ribbon and stud-embellished vests and coats in shearling and Mongolian lamb. All this was rife with references to hussars and the folk textiles of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and it was finished with gold-chain bracelets, heart-shaped neckpieces, flying leather fringes on hobo shoulder bags, and the new "Babushka" carpet bag. - www.style.com 

The whole collection ooze of "Rock Chic" mashed up with the whole department of the Russian Folklore Hippie wardrobe. As you can see prints, shaggy shapes, peasant things, Groupie rocker look are all mashed up with rock luxuries like gold studs, leather jacket and satin material. You can sense how Designer Frida Giannini intended to scrub up all of the early seventies ideals and imaginaries and to match + fix it into today's ready to wear adding a scent of luxury to it.

I love love love how she mixed this two together, its no wonder, as the hippies + rocker era are quite closely mashed together, the heck care cool attitude is shown clearly on the runway. 

I love how she layers the multiple accessories with the details of the triballic prints in the outfits, the runway ooze of confidence and style, something that most people would think twice and wonder. "Could I pull this off?" which is what I love so much about this collection, Frida Giannini challenges women confidence and dares them to find that inner rocker. 

Well, if you can't afford Gucci, and would still hope/want to get this look, go to the nearest ZARA and have your picks! I'm eyeing a certain black fur vest there tooo.. YUM!

Pictures Taken from www.style.com
Side Note: Things to Look out This Fall
1) Knee High Fringe Boots
2) Tribal/Peasant Prints
3) Leather Jacket
4) Fur Vest
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20 August 2008 @ 06:55 pm
I'm in a fantastic, fantabulous and fancited (my own meaning of excited) today! I think I dressed pretty well when I'm in a good mood and good sleep. Despite my mood. the day was hectic, was practically not in the office, running around and making sure we had everything right. It was crazy. I think I binge eat like mad due to stress and my mind was going crazy!

Anyway, here's what I wore today!

We did our Flower Power shoot today and it went pretty well despite much heavy lifting and changing outfits in open space. that said, it was great and I will reveal it when the magazine is out for next month.

The location was the carpark, we dragged our ass-es. a ladder. a big white plank. and all my clothes, shoes, accessories & three stalks of sunflowers for the shoot. I bet my ass we were tired even before the shoot started. Here's a sneak peek of the process.

It's a WRAP! Watch out for next month's issue. I got to go! I'm late!!

What I'm Wearing
Grey Ruffled Tunic - Hula & Co
Black Stud Tight - Mango
Beaded Bracelet - Diva
Black Watch - My Colleague's
Black Gladiator Heels - GoJane

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19 August 2008 @ 11:22 pm
Here's my outfit for today. the boy laughed when he looked and me and said "Wow someone getting lazy, its practically the same as yday jus a different top" I retorted saying "NO! I added a belt plus im wearing a tank inside." 

I guess partly he's right. Whats new. Whats Up. Whats happening? Whats going on you may ask.
Well. Life threw a ball at me. because recently work has been hell. mainly because my colleague is going overseas and our deadlines are tighter then usual. also because I've been bloating. and feeling like crap about the bloat. and when I feel like crap. i tend to dress like crap.

While dressing up today. My mum said.

"Wah Mabel, Baggy clothes IN now?" 

I'm like.."Urm No. I just feel fat, so i hide in my clothes"

My mum added. "Oh. I thought now fashion fashion, what happen to your other clothes?"

I don't get it. When I wear my skin tight dresses she says that its too revealing for work blah blah, when I dress down she says this. damn!

so. here's what I wore today (:

Can you see my eye bags? Can you see the bloat? GRRR!

What I'm Wearing
Tartan T-Shirt Tunic - Topshop
Black Tank - Abercrombie & Fitch
Metallic Waist Belt - Far East Plaza
Twisted Weave Sandal - Forever21
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19 August 2008 @ 11:26 am

WARNING. This post has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, style or anything in between.

As you glance at my fab title you must be thinking, wow who is the music man? what world tour is this? what's fizzling and sizzling in my life?... well the thing is this..me and my best friend bought tickets to this fabulous world tour. and mind you its not cheap at all. I splurged. and im stoked. and a tad excited i might add. My friend was so excited, she went to book the tickets early this morning, despite her mad psychotic rush, we only managed to get the seats at the bottom area as you can see on the map below, we wanted the side seats but it was sold out..damn.

Here is our sistic ticket.

Can you figure out what concert it is yet?

I'm hilarious. I do laugh at myself sometimes. Mr Kanye West is in town next month and here I am booking tickets for Mr Wang Lee Hom's Music-Man World Tour 2008 Concert. This is how much I love my friend. The boy was bugging me to go for KW's concert and I was all like "no money", "broke" or "I rather spend the money on shoes.." whatever. but when my friend mentioned that nobody wanted to go to Mr Lee Hom's concert with her, I jumped and said sure I will go with you. 

Even despite  these four factors which we must all know before we analyse the situation proving that I am truly a good friend.

1) I'm really not the chinese chinese girlie girl sort. I can't read or pronounce chinese well ( I took Chinese B for god sake), so i must find the hanyu pinyin version so that I can practise and sing along for the concert. (Nevertheless I do love lee hom's songs don't doubt me)

2) I have not heard his new album. the last time i even sang any chinese song was in a KTV in BATAM at the beginning of the year 2008. which show how backdated I am. but that WAS fun. hmm.

3) Chinese songs remind me of a certain Mr Chinese Beng Ex. who loved to sing Lee Hom's "Forever Love" to me and the very thought of the song or the way he sang it makes my hair stand even now. Perhaps the reason of a sudden switch to dating indians. hmm.

4) And little did I know my dear best friend would not and absolutely WILL NOT buy the cheapest ticket, instead she chose the most expensive..citing that she wants to be so close to him..perhaps in hopes that he will sign his album which I told her he will not..anyway now it means I am $178.20 dollars short. which means i should blow my head up with a gun cause I'm already broke to begin with. OH NO!

That said, I'm still super excited to go to his concert mainly because I listened to his songs since young, fantasized about him when I watch his concert one late night alone in the hall not willing to go to sleep as I watched him strum his drums upside down and sweat in some hot dance number or something...and mainly because yes I have abit of chinese side of me and yes, I do find him very very hot. 

If you have no idea who he is, this is abit about him found on Wikipedia!

Lee-Hom Wang is a four-time Golden Melody Award-winning Taiwanese American singer-songwriter and actor who has achieved highly recognized success in Taiwan, Mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia.

One of his most notable contributions to Mandopop was the introduction of "chinked-out" music, a genre heavily influenced by traditional Chinese music. Wang is managed by and records albums with Sony BMG Taiwan. Since 1995, Wang has contributed in over 25 albums. He is also an environmental activist, and was invited to be one of the first torchbearers for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, carrying the torch in Olympia, Greece on March 24, 2008. His latest album "Change Me" was dedicated to raising eco-awareness among Chinese youth. Recently, Wang was listed among "The 80 Most Inspiring Asian Americans of All Time" by Goldsea Asian American Daily.

Alexander Wang Lee-Hom was born in Rochester, New York, the second among 3 boys. At the age of six, Wang began to take violin lessons.[1] He attended Jefferson Road Elementary School, Pittsford Middle School, then later Pittsford Sutherland High School in the town of Pittsford. Wang graduated from Sutherland High School with high honors and as class valedictorian.

Although he did not begin learning Mandarin Chinese until he was 18, Wang is now fluent in Mandarin in both speaking and writing and has written many of the lyrics for his songs. Wang plays over 10 musical instruments. In his albums and live concerts, Wang can be heard playing piano, drums, guitar, bass, violin, vibraphone, erhu, xun, and more.

He is talent..handsome..and environmental activist. WOW! Can he be any greater? Here are a couple of pictures from the concert promotion to prove my point. Can I get any more chinese than this? Sigh.

Lee Hom Music-Man World Tour 2008 1 November 2008

I am so excited that I thought the concert will be in September but its only in November...Despite all the hype..I will not, and i swear to god on this, cheer his name (maybe abit), make a poster out of LED lights of his name..or wave lighted sticks to his songs (maybe I will..)..anyway I can't wait! The count down begins!

P.S. me & my friend are doing wadever we can to NOT die before November, but if we do, you know this ticket goes out to you PENNY!

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18 August 2008 @ 06:10 pm

The look today is superbly casual, I threw on a Men's Shirt, Courtesy of the funky4love event held at the club, (i'm so glad to have bagged it! mainly because there was only few to go around, I'm lucky my boss didn't want a male t-shirt and also because its my first Fruit of the Loom shirt! cool and comfy material. yay) a denim tights, a couple of bangles and my old skool canvas shoes. Not shown in the picture (which I feel would have look better) is my replica chanel bag which i hung around like a sling bag while I wore my black wayfarers and strut to work.

I was quite frustrated today because I was in absolute no mood to dress up and I'm sick of feeling like this, the whole month has been like that where I've been complaining about being too busy or lacking the mood to do anything. Grr. I contemplated giving up writing in the blog but was encouraged by my colleague to continue doing it. I will continue, afterall, I'm just going through a rough purple patch at the moment. 

I'm super tired mainly because I worked at the club the whole of Saturday and only slept at 3am. Subsequently on Sunday I was still working at home helping the boy here and there, mad rush. I spent the whole of weekend working and in between watching my favourite Sex and the city. I'm one of those losers who's watching SATC now, as in for the first time, others have moved on to Gossip Girl, Weed and what not but I'm still stucked in the past. I'm freaking in love with the show! heh.

What I'm Wearing

1) Funky4love T-Shirt - Fruit Of The Loom
2) Denim Tights - Online
3) Black Canvas Shoes - Topshop
4) Fashion Junkie Red Pendant Necklace - Topshop
5) Black Studded Braclet - Topshop